Angelika Albani

Sworn translator
for the English language


Albani translations is a small owner-operated enterprise domiciled in Erlangen, Germany. My focus is on technical and legal translations for business and private customers.

At a glance

  • English-German and German-English translations
  • Proofreading
  • Use of translation memory tools possible
  • Strict quality assurance, two proofreading runs
  • Integration of British/American native speakers as translators or proofreaders upon customers’ request
  • Certification of translated legal documents and diplomas
  • Translation performed in the original layout or as plain text
  • Data supplied either per e-mail, on CD/DVD or as printout

I will be pleased to provide you with more information or prepare a customized offer.

Areas of work

The subjects I have come across during my years of translation work range from a design specification of a kiln for diesel particle filters, a market study about the international dairy industry, the website of a vintage car conservation workshop to short descriptions of model trains. Presently, my focus is on the following areas and subjects:


  • Electrical engineering
    • Medium-/low-voltage switchgear and controlgear
    • Transformers, generators, UPS
    • Power system design
    • Power electronics
  • Energy industry and power generation
    • Smart grids
    • Renewables, in particular photovoltaics and wind power
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Software
  • Medical technology
  • Textile technology


    • Product and image brochures
    • Company websites
    • Newsletters


    • Corporate and commercial law
    • Contract law
    • Family law
    • Adoption
    • Change of nationality and adoption of citizenship


    • History of technology
    • Contemporary history and international politics
    • Development policies and international cooperation
    • Local history
    • Modern dance